Special Procedures to Lengthen Crowns

Special Procedures to Lengthen Crowns

There are all sorts of wonderful dental techniques now for restoring teeth. Even those with no teeth at all can now have a full mouth of new teeth, if they can afford it, without having any dentures. This is the case with dental implants and some other procedures just now dawning on the dental technology horizons. There are also some other procedures you may not have ever heard of. For example, have you ever heard of a gum graft before? It is a real thing for when gum disease has claimed so many teeth.

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Another procedure you may not have heard about is that for crown lengthening. The crowns of your teeth are the parts that show above the gum line. If you will notice, many people have an issue with teeth getting shorter and shorter as the crowns are worn down. Actually, this can contribute to gum disease as well and it is a concern for total dental health. Only about 20% or less of a full tooth is actually visible. There is much more up under the gums and it cannot be seen.

The crowns of such teeth in this situation cannot be lengthened without artificial crowns or total implants unless some form of oral surgery is performed. You will find that the crown lengthening prodedure in Jacksonville cosmetic dental clinics do just that. The procedure involves cutting into the gum, removing some of the bone, and then stitching the gums back up. This brings out a full, natural length of the teeth already there without the need for veneers or artificial crowns.

The bottom line is, you know that your smile is best when it looks the best. Call on the professionals soon after a quick look online. Find a clinic in the area offering exactly this procedure.